Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's still not on sale yet...anybody at Anthro wanna just pull some strings?!

In other news:  
*I forgot about Thrifted Thursdays (twice), so i'll try to make up for that sometime this week.

*I thought life couldn't get any busier than my summer. ha.

*We have a confirmed sighting of one mouse.  He had better as heck be the last one. 

*It's feeling like fall around here.  Raise your hand if you're excited! *me* 

*I'm taking suggestions for how to have more energy.  I have some free time, just no energy to accomplish anything, so please, suggest away.  Coffee doesn't count--already doing that.

*Because of the above reason, I still have two quarts of green paint sitting on my bathroom cart--instead of gracing the walls.  Gonna try to work on that this weekend, photos to follow if all goes well!

*I like this picture.  And I like the husband.  Which, as it turns out, works out pretty well in a marriage!

*Well, that does it for this super boring post...and I'm off to buy S'mores supplies for a bonfire tonight!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Garage Sales are in My Blood

Fave find of the day (well, fave find that i actually bought....actual fave find is the teal barrister bookcase i left behind because i'm poor (say it like you're oliver twist...puoh-hr))

Fabulous Frankoma#219 

I bought it as though it was for the shop.  yeah, not so sure it iwll make it there!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Awesome Amazingness (and Something Cute, but Sorta Wrong)

Some pictures: (fabulous canister set you can find in the shop tomorrow!)

(and what the husband does to our dog when he (the husband, not the dog) is supposed to be working on a sermon. the sad thing is, as much as i wanted him to, Laz really didn't seem to mind!)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

not lions or tigers or bears...but MICE!

yeah, still dealing with the mouses. not so thrilled about it.  the one i saw run down the microwave cord along the side of the fride (the micro is on top of the fridge) failed to see the appeal in the 4 cheese-baited snap traps and 3 poison boxes we left out for him. ugh.  oh, and they ate the little new shoots off of my parsley and completely demolished my cilantro.  did i mention how much i hate them?!

in other news...lots of items are photographed (hurray for the sunlight!) and ready for the shop (maybe tonight?!). 'til then, here's a sample:
carnival glass, fun wooden boxes, and shoe forms, oh my!

other apartmenthouse going-ons:  i finally found the time (and de-moused my kitchen (okay, i'm done talking about the mice now) ) to make this corn chowder, recipe courtesy of the wonderful kim no-longer-mack! (check out her blog, it's fun!)  The farmer's market was out of spinach last time i was there, so i threw 1 1/2 c. of zucc into my food processor just before the "add half of soup to food processor" bit.  I also added a little crushed red pepper and increased the potato, corn, and milk amounts a smidge.   All in all, the husband and i think it was quite a success!  Thanks for sharing, kim!

also, as promised, one of the fab-o finds from this past weekend's garagesaling: 

her name is Kathy.  i'm sad about the little corner (lower left) that is messed up, but still, she's great!  I'm thinking about painting the frame.  thoughts?

She'll probably go above the "green monster."  I need to COMPLETELY re-do all that jazz up there.  Some of it was just put there during the moving process and never left.  It looks like cah-rap, i know, so don't tell me.  Anyway,  What items do you think i should *keep* along with Kathy?  (anyone else have Ben Folds in their head now?!)

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm a liar.

I did NOT "pick up the pace" this weekend as promised in the previous post. I'm blaming the mice that have been terrorizing my kitchen, the unreasonable amount of poop they left in my stove and everywhere else that took forever to clean, the migraine that kept my husband in bed for a loooong time (and gave me tired germs as well), and a very unpleasant burn on my hand from steam as i attempted to cook some corn for corn chowder--but mostly, exceedingly, and rather pissed about it, i blame the mice. On the bright side, however, we went to bed last night listening to the sounds of traps snapping and mice making really sick horrible dying sounds. And we are SO doing that tonight, mice, so if any of you are left, be very freakin' scared!

I know photo-accompanied blog posts are *always* better, but i decided that there is an exception: mangled mice in trap photos, even ones of my husband being my knight-in-shining-armor and removing them from my kitchen before breakfast would probably not help out the readership at this point. Sorry if you feel otherwise...

So, although nothing new made it into the shop, I did find some AMAZING things this weekend which will hopefully be photographed tomorrow (please let there be sun when i get home from work!)

Okay, so that's it. If you're reading this blog AND you are the person who make the shop's SECOND (!!!!) sale, your item shipped today! Watch for that blue vinyl package!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Shop Update!

a new (and really awesome) bag added to the shop:
(hopefully more items on by tonight!)


Happy-Go-Vintage Shop made its FIRST SALE!!!!

...and someone should be getting a package (with a bonus surprise) in 2-3 business days!

Thanks for checking in...I'm off to dinner with the husband, but promise to pick up the pace this weekend!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Garage Sales are Grrreat!

What 2 bucks'llbuyya:

2 awesome pictures!!!!

i mean, 2 awesome picture FRAMES! (if you can't tell, they're sizable! see how tiny the door hinge and wall outlet are in the top picture, for perspective)

i felt super, super guilty after paying the lady...because i didn't want her to know i planned to ditch the pictures and was just buying her pictures for the frames. I left really fast, and then when I came back by her sale later with husband and friends and friends' baby, i felt horrible, like she *knew* i bought her pictures just for the frames.

usually i feel awesome when i score things for next-to-nuthin' but why does it lately have to be from cute little old ladies?!

Even more annoying that feeling like i ripped off someone's grandma: when someone whines so much about how sad they are to be selling something--going on and on about the history of the item--that you start to feel guilty for buying it from them...but not really, because it's her own blasted fault for deciding to sell it. Case in point:

Two awesome vintage Le Creuset pots...with HEART handles! (pics to be added later). The lady saw me paying her husband for them and told me it about "broke her heart" to part with them (okay, and *who* decided to put them on the table in her front yard?) and she told me she'd made many a roux in those (did you stop making roux?) and she told me how much she paid for them thirty years ago (several times more than i was handing over to her husband...i hope she didn't let herself think about inflation on top of it all!), so after assuring her--amid her rambling on about Julia Child and France and quality cookware--that i would take good care of them (and throwing in an unnecessary detail about my sister being a french major who wanted to go to culinary school to make it seem a bit more legit), i left to her calling out after me, "be sure to enjoy those!" oh trust me, lady...i will!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

That's It and That's All

Well, the dining room wall finally went from this:

to this:

to this:
YAY! I still need to replace some of the horizontal pics w/ vertical ones, print some wedding and fam pics for the empty frames, and get the mats/glass back in a couple of these puppies, but it's much better than the blue vinyl look the room was rockin' for several days, and cleaned up *some* of the clutter in the room (15 frames take up a lot of table/windowsill space!). (Confession: I waited so long to actually use my blue vinyl templates that some of them actually started peeling/falling off of the wall in the heat...the pics I shot to document the whole process helped keep all that work from being a waste!)

I like them a lot, but the more I hang things up--and the more husband kindly pokes fun at my affinity for nailing/stapling/gluing/screwing/bolting anything and everything to the wall (short of the dog)--the more I wonder if I'm taking it too far. Thoughts? Here I like the look of a clean buffet (with space to fill with FOOD, which is the purpose), as opposed to a buffet covered with propped up photo frames...but are there times that it's better to leave a blank(ish) wall with a more easily-changed-out table arrangement below? Examples, anyone? (I'll try to get on that too...)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thrifted Thursdays

I nearly forgot to do a "Thrifted" post today. So, while it's still called today...here ya go! (sorry for the realllly crappy picture...)

Vintage "Happy Birthday" wrapping paper! A HUGE roll of it! So far, my sister is the only one I've remembered to use it for, but no worries...YOU *could* be next!

(I think the point is to share where the item came from to show where cool stuff is to be found...but I kind of forget at this point. Wait, no...it was from a barn sale outside of Norwalk, Ohio! Ya just never know what you'll find in a barn!)

Updating the Shop...

...this very minute!

(and making a note--don't take photographs on the largest possible file-size setting!)

Well, that's all...I'm off to finish resizing images and posting. Keep checking back, though...new items should show up each day through the weekend!

Take a gander: The Shop.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From "A Dog's Manual to Life"

Rule #34: If you EVER find yourself with ANYTHING spread out on the floor. Lay on it. Newspapers, a 4 inch square area of magazine cutouts, a blanket, a rug that isn't yours, fabric, fabric with pins in it, ANYTHING. Be sure to do all of the following:

Lay on it:

Look innocent and cute, like you didn't know it was something besides just the floor:
Chew on your toys on it:
Roll around on it to scratch your back and itch your nose:
And finally, be sure to lick it:
Then get the heck off of it so your mom can sew some curtains! (Thrifted curtain re-do pictures soon...as soon as we actually get them up on the windows!)

How to Complicate the Matter

Otherwise titled, "How to take a bunch of extra steps just so you won't hate it in the end!"

This is my wall:

The blue spots show roughly where an ovel mirror will hang.

I've got 14 silver frames that need to make it onto the wall too. I could just go with my gut and eye and start pounding in nails, but let's be honest--i'm not that good.

Solution: (also known as "Awesome way to use trashed materials from my old job")
1. Trace frames onto repositionable vinyl.
2. Cut out vinyl "frames."
(here i could have added a step and cut holes in my vinyl "frames" to more accurately give a sense of the visual weight of each frame, but that was too much work...)
3. Place vinyl frame place-holders on floor, shuffle around until they sort of make sense. Yell at the dog for walking through them.

4. Peel and stick them to the wall. Reposition. And reposition. Repeat.

5. Using wall layout as a guide, layout the actual frames on the ground to get an idea of what it will actually look like.

6. Post on a blog to get feedback on it before you start swingin' that hammer. Then decide to just leave up the blue vinyl. It's very "in process." Perfect finished look. Riiiight.

Sneak Peek!

only one item up--just testing things out--but this is already lots of fun!

Click here: MY ETSY SHOP!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Zinnias are happy flowers!

Favorite little additions...

...this tribute to our homelands:

(state rocks i found, adhered directly to the wall, and framed under glass. Maybe someday I'll change it up and add a fabric covered backer piece.)

...and this little "Yankee Girl" bathroom catch-all:
(a little boring and bland in the kitchen...perfect in the bathroom! no more knocking toothbrushes and bottles off of our tiny little sink!)

Decisions, decisions...

To paint or not to paint...that is hardly the question. What color(s) to paint...that is the question!

I am really leaning toward institutional green...down to the two-tone mental hospital look! (To set off the white trim, enamel table, and all my milkglass, of course; not as a reflection on anyone's saneness.)
check out this one!

I'm thinking these two, with the lighter one on the top 45% of the wall and the darker one on the bottom 55% :) Thoughts, opinions...?

Weekend finds!

This awesome sign (now living in our kitchen)...

This white push cart for the bathroom (not the glass dentist cabinet, but about $380 cheaper!

...and some adorable vintage stencils "j" "C" "s"! (picture once i decide where they should live)

Monday, September 7, 2009

a little bit of junk...

...in the trunk! the huge teal trunk is here. possibly too big for the room, but i don't give a darn!

Also this weekend: