Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thrifted Thursdays...episode numero 1!

***since i just realized today is thursday and since i like alliteration (who doesn't?), i'm going to make it a weekly habit to post a fantastic thrifted find each thursday. that does 2 things: guarantees one post a week, and gives me more reason to thrift (eventually i'll run out of stuff i've already thrifted and will be forced to thrift new things to post about, right?!)***

It showed up in the last post, but i thought i'd make a proper post of my (and laz's) favorite thing! THE BEST EVER DOG GATE!!! I got this baby at the church rummage sale for $2. That's right, $2. It matches the house, isn't plastic and ick, doesn't look like something that should be around the perimeter of a state prison, actually fits the large doorway without additional janky extenders, and CONVENIENTLY ACCORDIONS OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Yes, i'm just that excited about this thing! look at how Laz loves it!
We even attached it to the door frame with hinges to swing the whole thing even more out of the way.


Kim said...

Unrelated question: your picture... where is that from? It's amazing. I want to see more.

Christy Marie said...

there are so many things i could say about this new blog. so many things.
such as, what was wrong with the old one?
and what's wrong with plum walls?
and i don't think you'll ever run out of thrifted things for thrifted thursdays (and i don't especially love alliteration, btw). because i'm guessing you have at least 100 or so thrifted items in your house, which will occupy your weekly column for almost 2 years... in which time you will get bored with the committment or with blogging in general, which invariably happens....
well, i didn't mean to sound so negative. i'm not crazy about the peach, but i love the "plumter" walls, and the fact that you are painting, and the picture of laz and hedgie.
and you.

sabo_meenyo said...

kim~ ha. well the husband just saw it and wants it off the blog. i thought b/c it was small it would be okay.'s from our engagement pics...i can send you a link... like maybe when i reply to your email:)

chro~so many things, huh? :) like..the old one was for where i lived 2 houses ago. if you read the first post on here, it explains the whole idea of "new blog" for "new husband, new town, etc." re-read, with your thinking cap fastened a little more snuggly, and i'm sure you'll understand ;) nothing's wrong w/ plum...other than that's not the color i set out to paint my dining room. i wanted an ever-changing mystery color. so people would be like "now what do you call this? plum? grey? amazing?" and i will run out of thrifted things...because i'm only featuring the very best and favoritest finds of all. and i may get bored with blogging, but as long as i'm still unemployed, the chances of that stay WAY down. and you are not negative. well not too much. and i love you. and laz loves you. ttysoon! -sicily