Wednesday, September 2, 2009

color schmuller

So am I just too picky? I can see a difference between my wall and this paint chip. (Can you?)
Enough of a difference that I went back to the store after husband came home with the first gallon of paint to get it replaced before painting the room. Their second attempt? If anything, an even worse match. I guess I should have read the back of the paint chip: "Color my vary due to lighting conditions, sheen and surface. " (duh, but vary this much?!) All the same, we painted the room and i love it...especially during the day when the natural light makes it a nice mystery pewter color--instead of borderline plum (the reason for so much pickiness over the color match. the last thing i want is for anyone to walk in and say "oh, i just love your plum walls!")

The contrast with the white trim is absolutely crisp (like cold crunchy apples!)...and it sets off two of my favorite paintings ever very very special hollyhock house gradution gift from Sarah and a wedding present from Marilyn (a painting she did but wasn't happy of that i LOVE)

Please ignore the mess in this last picture...the wall just looks so nice and pewtery in this shot...and you can see the contrast with the front room (peach) in the forground (the dining room was originally the same color as the front room...which is all well and good--nice and bright--but living in it, i discovered i have separate room/same color issues. very intense issues. so the DR got the new color!

p.s. see why i *need* this Anthro rug?! i'm currently hatching plans to make mad cashola to get this though rent isn't due *every* month, along w/ all kinds of insurance. sigh...

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Kim said...

I can see a SLIGHT difference but I think it looks great either way!