Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday; your information. (FYI)

Not really doing this every Friday, but had fun considering the implications of about all possible punctuations (Friday: your information...Friday! Your Information.....Friday, Your Information?).

Moving on. Just an FYI...cut plants last longer than cut flowers. (I'm sure the same can be said for weeds). Maybe one of these is technically a flower, but I'm calling it a plant. A plant I don't know the name of. I picked both of these 2+ (maybe 3) weeks ago. And they STILL look great. I've added water. That's it. I love flowers as much as anyone, but it's nice to not have a brown, mildewey mess after forgetting I picked something just 4 days before. Plus, we're headed into fall and besides Zinnias (which I would have to steal from neighborlawns anyway), plants (and little pieces of tree branches) are looking like a great vase-filling alternative!

p.s. can anyone tell me what these two plants even are?! (Thanks in advance, Katy...if you're reading!)
Completely unrelated: [above] is where/how i found my dog yesterday evening. I don't so much doubt the screen's strength as believe in Laz's sometimes ferocious desire to get squirrels. Husband was studying 6 feet away and "had it all under control." Sigh. :)

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Christy Marie said...

DO NOT let my nephew fall out of the window.
if you ever did a thing like that, I'd have to do some thumpin'.

you have been warned.