Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From "A Dog's Manual to Life"

Rule #34: If you EVER find yourself with ANYTHING spread out on the floor. Lay on it. Newspapers, a 4 inch square area of magazine cutouts, a blanket, a rug that isn't yours, fabric, fabric with pins in it, ANYTHING. Be sure to do all of the following:

Lay on it:

Look innocent and cute, like you didn't know it was something besides just the floor:
Chew on your toys on it:
Roll around on it to scratch your back and itch your nose:
And finally, be sure to lick it:
Then get the heck off of it so your mom can sew some curtains! (Thrifted curtain re-do pictures soon as we actually get them up on the windows!)


Emily said...

haha, look at that face! so cute {yet mischievous}.

Christy Marie said...

best blog entry EVERRR!

Liz said...

Oh my gosh. I got the biggest kick out of this... so true. Laz is adorable!

sabo_meenyo said...

Thanks Liz! :) So is it too creepy/weird/stalker-ish to say that i almost feel like i'm reading my own blog/looking at my own collections as I read "Mabel's House"?! I collect green/blue/teal McCoy, have a Laz-demolished couch story, and not a sister, but an old roommate who is obsessed with Dolly Parton...and I could go on! Anyway, love your house/style/blog! Happy Weekend!!