Monday, September 14, 2009

Garage Sales are Grrreat!

What 2 bucks'llbuyya:

2 awesome pictures!!!!

i mean, 2 awesome picture FRAMES! (if you can't tell, they're sizable! see how tiny the door hinge and wall outlet are in the top picture, for perspective)

i felt super, super guilty after paying the lady...because i didn't want her to know i planned to ditch the pictures and was just buying her pictures for the frames. I left really fast, and then when I came back by her sale later with husband and friends and friends' baby, i felt horrible, like she *knew* i bought her pictures just for the frames.

usually i feel awesome when i score things for next-to-nuthin' but why does it lately have to be from cute little old ladies?!

Even more annoying that feeling like i ripped off someone's grandma: when someone whines so much about how sad they are to be selling something--going on and on about the history of the item--that you start to feel guilty for buying it from them...but not really, because it's her own blasted fault for deciding to sell it. Case in point:

Two awesome vintage Le Creuset pots...with HEART handles! (pics to be added later). The lady saw me paying her husband for them and told me it about "broke her heart" to part with them (okay, and *who* decided to put them on the table in her front yard?) and she told me she'd made many a roux in those (did you stop making roux?) and she told me how much she paid for them thirty years ago (several times more than i was handing over to her husband...i hope she didn't let herself think about inflation on top of it all!), so after assuring her--amid her rambling on about Julia Child and France and quality cookware--that i would take good care of them (and throwing in an unnecessary detail about my sister being a french major who wanted to go to culinary school to make it seem a bit more legit), i left to her calling out after me, "be sure to enjoy those!" oh trust me, lady...i will!


Christy Marie said...

way to exploit your sister's many talents in order to justify your selfish, selfish purchase. that poor lady was probably forced to part with her beloved pots by her miserly old husband!
you are going straight to garage-sale-thief purgatory!!
....that is, if we believed in that kind of thing.

Christy Marie said...

p.s. may i please have the actual picture in the frame on the R? (not the Jesus one.)
thank you.
the one who takes your leftovers :)

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Please absolve yourself of thrifting guilt and just enjoy your fabbo finds! I'm especially jealous of the Le Crueset. No doubt the lady heaping guilt upon your head does that to everyone she meets--just be glad she's not your mother. Sounds like she could be mine!

As long as you're not trashing any old masters, you can do anything you darned well please with those pictures, including giving them to that beggar who left the other comment. ;o)