Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Complicate the Matter

Otherwise titled, "How to take a bunch of extra steps just so you won't hate it in the end!"

This is my wall:

The blue spots show roughly where an ovel mirror will hang.

I've got 14 silver frames that need to make it onto the wall too. I could just go with my gut and eye and start pounding in nails, but let's be honest--i'm not that good.

Solution: (also known as "Awesome way to use trashed materials from my old job")
1. Trace frames onto repositionable vinyl.
2. Cut out vinyl "frames."
(here i could have added a step and cut holes in my vinyl "frames" to more accurately give a sense of the visual weight of each frame, but that was too much work...)
3. Place vinyl frame place-holders on floor, shuffle around until they sort of make sense. Yell at the dog for walking through them.

4. Peel and stick them to the wall. Reposition. And reposition. Repeat.

5. Using wall layout as a guide, layout the actual frames on the ground to get an idea of what it will actually look like.

6. Post on a blog to get feedback on it before you start swingin' that hammer. Then decide to just leave up the blue vinyl. It's very "in process." Perfect finished look. Riiiight.


Kim said...

I love it! When we get a house (with more than 3 rooms) you're totally coming to decorate it. Okay? Good.

sabo_meenyo said...

okay! good! :)