Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm a liar.

I did NOT "pick up the pace" this weekend as promised in the previous post. I'm blaming the mice that have been terrorizing my kitchen, the unreasonable amount of poop they left in my stove and everywhere else that took forever to clean, the migraine that kept my husband in bed for a loooong time (and gave me tired germs as well), and a very unpleasant burn on my hand from steam as i attempted to cook some corn for corn chowder--but mostly, exceedingly, and rather pissed about it, i blame the mice. On the bright side, however, we went to bed last night listening to the sounds of traps snapping and mice making really sick horrible dying sounds. And we are SO doing that tonight, mice, so if any of you are left, be very freakin' scared!

I know photo-accompanied blog posts are *always* better, but i decided that there is an exception: mangled mice in trap photos, even ones of my husband being my knight-in-shining-armor and removing them from my kitchen before breakfast would probably not help out the readership at this point. Sorry if you feel otherwise...

So, although nothing new made it into the shop, I did find some AMAZING things this weekend which will hopefully be photographed tomorrow (please let there be sun when i get home from work!)

Okay, so that's it. If you're reading this blog AND you are the person who make the shop's SECOND (!!!!) sale, your item shipped today! Watch for that blue vinyl package!


TulaneRehab said...

I vote for gory photos of mangled mice.

Christy Marie said...


i am thoroughly and completely disgusted.

gross, stacey! grossss!!

p.s. i love mice, and i am sad that you are killing them. can't you just trap them (humanely) and set them free in the woods somewhere?

p.p.s. remember putting mousetraps on the couch to keep the dogs off?
yeah, like that ever worked.