Thursday, September 24, 2009

not lions or tigers or bears...but MICE!

yeah, still dealing with the mouses. not so thrilled about it.  the one i saw run down the microwave cord along the side of the fride (the micro is on top of the fridge) failed to see the appeal in the 4 cheese-baited snap traps and 3 poison boxes we left out for him. ugh.  oh, and they ate the little new shoots off of my parsley and completely demolished my cilantro.  did i mention how much i hate them?!

in other news...lots of items are photographed (hurray for the sunlight!) and ready for the shop (maybe tonight?!). 'til then, here's a sample:
carnival glass, fun wooden boxes, and shoe forms, oh my!

other apartmenthouse going-ons:  i finally found the time (and de-moused my kitchen (okay, i'm done talking about the mice now) ) to make this corn chowder, recipe courtesy of the wonderful kim no-longer-mack! (check out her blog, it's fun!)  The farmer's market was out of spinach last time i was there, so i threw 1 1/2 c. of zucc into my food processor just before the "add half of soup to food processor" bit.  I also added a little crushed red pepper and increased the potato, corn, and milk amounts a smidge.   All in all, the husband and i think it was quite a success!  Thanks for sharing, kim!

also, as promised, one of the fab-o finds from this past weekend's garagesaling: 

her name is Kathy.  i'm sad about the little corner (lower left) that is messed up, but still, she's great!  I'm thinking about painting the frame.  thoughts?

She'll probably go above the "green monster."  I need to COMPLETELY re-do all that jazz up there.  Some of it was just put there during the moving process and never left.  It looks like cah-rap, i know, so don't tell me.  Anyway,  What items do you think i should *keep* along with Kathy?  (anyone else have Ben Folds in their head now?!)

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Christy Marie said...

kathy is creepy.
and i bet she's chatty, too.