Wednesday, September 2, 2009

one of my favorite things!

husband and i rigged this window above our couch, sort of cantilevering out from the front window. it's a plant shelf. or that's the idea, if i don't kill them all.
please disregard the pink patches on the couch, focus your attention on the cute bandana-ed doggie! (never mind that he is the reason FOR the pink patches...)
note oregano...on it's way out. still trying to revive it :/
looking up from the couch. no, it will NOT fall on you. i promise.
um, yeah. still need to paint the little squares we used as a ledge for the back of the window...

anyway, i think everyone should have one of these because they're so durn cheery! i used to have one above my kitchen sink, which was great, but the window tended to get covered in kitchen grease. i'm liking it here a lot! if you want to make one:

*find a cheap-o (but stable) old window (ally's are fantastic places to find these), paint it if you want. it helps if it is approximately the same width as the window you plan to hang it in front of...looks a little more intentional.

*screw sizeable eyebolts into the top front of the frame.

*use an existing ledge or improvise one with some wood blocks (we added angle brackets which you can barely see to make sure the window won't "jump" it's ledge.)

*use hemp, jute, rope, etc. to suspend the front edge of the window (tie between eyebolts and some other sort of hook mounted to the top of your window frame (we used old window handles). tie it up slightly higher than "level" so that once you get plants on the shelf and the jute/rope stretches into place, it won't be sloping down, but will "settle" at dead-level.

*test by putting your cairn terrier on your new window/shelf before filling with plants you plan to kill. (just kidding, i wouldn't let husband use dogheart for this!)

*or, you could skip all this and just hang it from hooks anchored into the ceiling, but let's be honest, this looks better! :)


Kim said...

I love this! And I have TWO windows that I could use!! We'd have to make sure it is kitty-proof. I imagine that shelf would be tempting...

sabo_meenyo said...

oh yay! you found it...i was going to send the link though..and i will still properly answer your email! :) how did you get the fun wallpaper background on your blog? is there a free download site or something?! and you should definitely put up a shelf...i think you could make it kitty proof...i mean, she weighs less than some of your plants, right?

Amy said...

how neat! I would love to try this. hopefully we will be replacing windows soon and then have some cool, free old windows to use. bookmarking this post!

Emily said...

yay, a new blog! now we can be blog-friends. :-)

bethany said...

i found you! i found you!