Friday, September 4, 2009

Pillow Prototype

Busted out the Janome...this is what I came up with. I sort of had this in mind (still available on Etsy, btw!) I think a more intricate pattern like that pillow would be fun to try, but I also want to do more with larger pieces cut from a vintage coverlet that Emily and I found at the church rummage sale (don't worry, Em, I plan to make some of these with you!!)
I started cutting a square cardboard template, and then remembered I had a quilt cutting mat and rotary cutter from my Mlaw that I still hadn't tried out. SO much easier. Even with more squared-up pieces, I'm still having trouble sewing consistent seams to result in patches that "match" at the corners. So I should probably be practicing instead of blogging. Anyway, holler if you have any suggestions, kids! :)


Kim said...

*sigh* I love when you blog.

Emily said...

Love the prototype. Can't wait to have a pillow-making fest...except that I can't quilt either. Or sew straight seams. We could be in trouble.