Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's still not on sale yet...anybody at Anthro wanna just pull some strings?!

In other news:  
*I forgot about Thrifted Thursdays (twice), so i'll try to make up for that sometime this week.

*I thought life couldn't get any busier than my summer. ha.

*We have a confirmed sighting of one mouse.  He had better as heck be the last one. 

*It's feeling like fall around here.  Raise your hand if you're excited! *me* 

*I'm taking suggestions for how to have more energy.  I have some free time, just no energy to accomplish anything, so please, suggest away.  Coffee doesn't count--already doing that.

*Because of the above reason, I still have two quarts of green paint sitting on my bathroom cart--instead of gracing the walls.  Gonna try to work on that this weekend, photos to follow if all goes well!

*I like this picture.  And I like the husband.  Which, as it turns out, works out pretty well in a marriage!

*Well, that does it for this super boring post...and I'm off to buy S'mores supplies for a bonfire tonight!!!


Emily said...

1. i saw a mouse in our kitchen. eek
2. yay fall..love it.
3. energy...hmm, i started drinking green.
4. you and the husband are adorable.
5. i miss you. my horrible test is over. let's hang out and be friends this weekend!

Christy Marie said...

I knew you would guilt yourself over missed thrifted thursdays ... stop making up rules for your life! hehe. i love you. and i'm glad that you have green paint that needs to be used. put it off long enough and i can help you when i come!
if you let me, that is. when can i?
you should drink LESS coffee so you'll sleep more soundly. also, work out a bit, but not after 6 or 7 PM. in the morning is best.
...did you actually want suggestions?

i've shown my friends the pictures of laz-in-a-bag, and they think it's the cutest thing ever. which it is.

Kim said...

I think just by telling us you haven't painted you might do it - so you can post and say you have.

That picture is adorable. Please tell me it's framed somewhere in your house.

TulaneRehab said...
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TulaneRehab said...

Funny you mentioned the rug. Josh and Aubrey stopped by last night to see our place and we were actually talking about how cool/expensive "it" is.

* Yes, fall is the best season.
* Chocolate cake at 3PM for energy.
* Time block what you want to get done each day into manageable segments throughout the week. It sounds rigid and structure, but it helps you accomplish more and gives you more free time to do "whatever".
* Those walls aren't going to paint themselves insane asylum green. Hop to it!
* Love the photo - although it looks like you're about to crash.

sabo_meenyo said...

emily~ green tea? is it working?! and yes let's do something this wkend!! i hope the tests were okay! oh, and kill that mouse...b/c more will follow!

christy~ i will try to stop making rules for my life (rule #56 in s's life). i will try to save the painting b/c i would love the help, but i also just really want to get it done! and yes, i actually wanted suggestions! :)

kim~ did you see where i linked you and raved about your chowder?! maybe i didn't rave. i should. it was fab!!! and thanks, and no; it is not hanging in our house b/c i haven't printed ANY of our wedding pics yet. sadness.

tulane~ okay, so you were talking about "it" in a "let's go steal one from anthro for her?" way or in a "we should get one and post it to our blog to make her mad" kind of way?! :) actually, i think you SHOULD get it for your house!! do it!
and i honestly think choc. cake at 3pm is what's missing from my life. that and the several times a week donuts. sigh. and the wall. there has yet to be found any good chinese around here. okay, well i'm off to "hop to it!"