Sunday, September 13, 2009

That's It and That's All

Well, the dining room wall finally went from this:

to this:

to this:
YAY! I still need to replace some of the horizontal pics w/ vertical ones, print some wedding and fam pics for the empty frames, and get the mats/glass back in a couple of these puppies, but it's much better than the blue vinyl look the room was rockin' for several days, and cleaned up *some* of the clutter in the room (15 frames take up a lot of table/windowsill space!). (Confession: I waited so long to actually use my blue vinyl templates that some of them actually started peeling/falling off of the wall in the heat...the pics I shot to document the whole process helped keep all that work from being a waste!)

I like them a lot, but the more I hang things up--and the more husband kindly pokes fun at my affinity for nailing/stapling/gluing/screwing/bolting anything and everything to the wall (short of the dog)--the more I wonder if I'm taking it too far. Thoughts? Here I like the look of a clean buffet (with space to fill with FOOD, which is the purpose), as opposed to a buffet covered with propped up photo frames...but are there times that it's better to leave a blank(ish) wall with a more easily-changed-out table arrangement below? Examples, anyone? (I'll try to get on that too...)


Emily said...

no, i like it. the more you have on the buffet, the more you have to dust around, and dusting is horrible slash NOT fun. hehee. there is my 50 cents.

Christy Marie said...

not to be a wet blanket...but...i liked the Before more than the After. maybe i just need to see it in person. or maybe it's the mirror--- i don't think i like it very much.
what's wrong with bolting and such? how else are you going to make your walls, um, decorated? silly BIL.

sabo_meenyo said...

pish posh, chro. it's just b/c the color looks so bad in the last pic (taken at night). the mirror really isn't so bad. promise. come visit on friday and you shall see!

sabo_meenyo said...

and thanks for your .50, emily! and pleeeease let's figure out this new town thrifting dilemma soon! :)