Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is a blog about a dog.

Okay, so it's not really about a dog. But he will show up frequently, I'm sure! It's a blog about a boy and a girl (me) who got married a couple months ago and the house we're setting up (with our dog) full of our favorite things (mostly old and brightly colored), where we can have over our favorite people!

So here's to new blogs, new husbands, marriage, Dog-Heart, setting up house in a new city, fantastic vintage finds, and chocolate cake (always and forever chocolate cake)!

p.s. there *just might* be a fun Etsy store involved soon! what else is one to do with too many awesome vintage things for one apartmenthouse and leftover decor from the "best-wedding-ever?" (okay, so like best-along-with-a-lot-of-other-weddings best!)

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A Painting Group said...

Josh and I went to the pet store the other day and saw a baby laz-dog. It made me miss you and, I suppose Laz as well. (o:

Hopefully we can plan a trip out to visit sometime this fall. Your new place looks lovely!
...I've been having the hankering lately to paint my living room kelly green but am NOT going to because I don't think we'll stay past next August. Maybe in the next place.

Hope all is well. Still temping? You should start your own "Pots-abilities" in St. Louise, maybe?