Thursday, October 8, 2009

Check It! (or, Rather, Check Them!)

See those fun things on the right there? ----->
(okay, maybe down just a little bit)

(yeah, i know, if you're reading on Google Reader this doesn't apply to you.)

Those are my friends with blogs!!! I know I'm missing a ton of you, so I'll get to the adding...eventually...along with all the blogs I follow even though I'm not BFF with their authors. Anyway, for now you should check them out!

p.s. next time I blog I promise to have pictures of a completed bathroom, recent garage sale finds (the spoils of another fantastic treasure hunting saturday with the ex-roommate), and soon to be listed shop stuffs!


Emily said...

yay yay! i get a shout-out!

thanks for adding me. and remember me when you're famous (and remember that you promised to help me decorate my future apt).

miss you stace-face!

TulaneRehab said...

T.R. shoutout - WOOT (reciprocal link to follow)!

Kim said...

Hey hey add me - with my new link! And come follow me, too! :)

sabo_meenyo said...

done. yay!