Sunday, October 4, 2009

Disaster Area:

My Bathroom.

So the institutional green-ing of my bathroom did commence this weekend, but due to really stupid decisions on my part (ie. buying the cheapest rollers at walmart...what was i thinking?! i know you don't buy the cheapest rollers...but at least if you do so from Lowes, it's a lot less trouble than if you do from walmart) it's not done. I'll post some "in progress" shots in a bit...but unless you want to see zillions of roller fuzzies on my wall or the really hot look of those walls after i wiped them all off with paper towel before i got a good roller to use to go back over it, you won't see the current state of the bathroom. Ah well, live and learn, and forget, and relearn.

But in good news, in the sunlight, i no longer hate/love/hate the colors like i did last night in the lightbulb-light.

I thought I might have to paint over it...has anyone actually painted over a room directly after finishing a paint job? There's a chance I may still want to before this thing is done!


TulaneRehab said...

Q: "Has anyone actually painted over a room directly after finishing a paint job?"


Christy Marie said...

do you not remember the sewing room color fiasco of 2007?
yeah. i did the whole thing... twice.

sabo_meenyo said...

tulane~ i knew you were going to repaint the front room...but i don't think i ever saw it--at least not next to a pic of the 1st round. very nice, i like!!

chro~ i wasn't there to see the first color, but i feel like an "i told you so" was voiced by someone! ;)

Christy Marie said...

yeah. that someone was me.