Sunday, October 25, 2009

what we ate for dinner

*warning: this will make you super supper jealous!*

Check out the dinner party featuring local foods as part of FoodBuzz 24, 24, 24 thrown by the ex-roommate Emily (and way awesome blogger behind the health nut) and her internship friend (and chef!) Dan that the husband and I were invited to Saturday night!

(Oh, and Etsy updates are coming...there are plenty of fun things to post, just not enough time!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shop Update!

The SHOP has been updated....with a few things.  There should be a lot more on by click away, or wait--it's up to you! 

Thrifted Thursdays...

...are BACK!

Today's featured fave thrifted (or garage-saled) find: VINTAGE LINENS!

Like this lovely peacock chenille rug that goes perfectly in my new bathroom....

and this adorable, adorable pillow case (does anyone know what this kind of stitching is called...the little "'bubbles" of fabric sewn onto fabric?  They're like miniature pillows sewn on to make flowers here...)
whatever it is, I think I'm going to try to make something like this!

Have any of you found amazing vintage linens at thrift stores/garage sales?  Or are you one of those (weird) people who is grossed out by this and doesn't believe in the power of a little soap and water?! :)

My Dog Refuses to Stop Being Cute

Exhibit 1:  (the prince and the pea)

Exhibit 2: (shiny and clean b/c the husband gave him a bath!)

Bathroom, Finally

Here ya go...Sorry for the crap photos...but I gave up on waiting for the sun to hit that window like ever this week :

Husband likes the shelf in the window...but I think it still may go...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Check It! (or, Rather, Check Them!)

See those fun things on the right there? ----->
(okay, maybe down just a little bit)

(yeah, i know, if you're reading on Google Reader this doesn't apply to you.)

Those are my friends with blogs!!! I know I'm missing a ton of you, so I'll get to the adding...eventually...along with all the blogs I follow even though I'm not BFF with their authors. Anyway, for now you should check them out!

p.s. next time I blog I promise to have pictures of a completed bathroom, recent garage sale finds (the spoils of another fantastic treasure hunting saturday with the ex-roommate), and soon to be listed shop stuffs!

Shop Update!

New stuff went in the shop two nights ago...(YAY!)

And more will make it in this AM if I hustle my bustle before going to work...if not, these treasures should be there by tonight!...(and, yes, i did just say "hustle my bustle" :) )

Oh, and the husband and I might just try to finish the bathroom painting endeavor hopefully pics of that soon...til then, enjoy this one (from the Purina Farms Incredible Dog Competition that the husband and I serendipitously stumbled upon last Saturday!):

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Better or Worse? Better...or Worse?


So, the top of the bookshelf isn't quite so gross anymore.  But it still needs work.  Suggestions?

p.s. this is one of the two Haeger birds I found at an antique store (having a 20% off sale for all of October!)  They seem to be identical...and not like a Left and I thought about splitting them for me, one for the store...but do you think that's a good idea?  I looked EVERYWHERE on the internet (okay, not everywhere) for them and couldn't find so much as a mention...let alone a picture of another one.  Is there a rule about splitting up pairs of treasures?!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bathroom: In Progress

Well, just try to imagine a dark grass-ish, kelly-ish green (def. NOT jade/bluegreen...see the paint chip in the last pic on the right?) on the bottom half of the walls, the shower curtain gone (Chro, do you want it?)...replaced by white eyelette, the wall behind the school chairs actually painted and not outlined because i was too lazy to take them off the wall, and the mini-blind/ladder/shelf clutter/tape gone, oh, and the top color not looking so seafoam-puke-ish in the daylight...imagine all that, and you'll be picturing my bathroom (hopefully) 3 days from now!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Disaster Area:

My Bathroom.

So the institutional green-ing of my bathroom did commence this weekend, but due to really stupid decisions on my part (ie. buying the cheapest rollers at walmart...what was i thinking?! i know you don't buy the cheapest rollers...but at least if you do so from Lowes, it's a lot less trouble than if you do from walmart) it's not done. I'll post some "in progress" shots in a bit...but unless you want to see zillions of roller fuzzies on my wall or the really hot look of those walls after i wiped them all off with paper towel before i got a good roller to use to go back over it, you won't see the current state of the bathroom. Ah well, live and learn, and forget, and relearn.

But in good news, in the sunlight, i no longer hate/love/hate the colors like i did last night in the lightbulb-light.

I thought I might have to paint over it...has anyone actually painted over a room directly after finishing a paint job? There's a chance I may still want to before this thing is done!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

st. louis, we have a problem...

I keep finding things for the store...that will probably never make it to the store because i fall in love with them! oh help!

If at least one white Haeger pottery bird doesn't show up in the store in the next week or so, somebody yell at me!

it's my day "off"

not going into the office because, well, because they said 15 hours a week and i'm already at 22 and working friday. not that i don't need the hours...but there's a house to clean and a baby to sit this afternoon!

so, i'm going to do the dishes before i get to etsy, but thought i'd share this fun-o find that will make it to the shop soon! (p.s. chro, hide your eyes if you don't want to see a christmas present!!)