Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Where has the Time Gone?!

The apartment house was Christmas-ified, although it's a wonder that even happened considering how little free time we've had...but see, I have evidence:(no, that's not our Christmas's our Christmas Branch)
(Lotsa vintage ornaments...what's cheerier than that at Christmas?!)
(and by "lotsa," I'm talking BOWLS of them!)
(Fishing line is kinda like magic...what's good for the Bluegill is good for the Shiny-Bright)
(There's our tree!! Since this photo was taken, I made the cutest ever garlands of paper hearts on fishing line, very reminiscent of these:(wedding hearts made by the sis and I)...only the ones on the tree are MUCH tinier.)

Hm, what else...we went to VA and met our new niece.  She is adorable, like Anne Gedes Baby adorable...see:
Beyond driving forever and ever and getting some pretty rad presents (GPS to enable more efficient thrifting/antiquing and a lavender sweater i heart and great cookbooks and AWESOME McCoy pottery) and getting to see my fam (and Laz's brother-dog, Smoltzy, below right), the husband and I haven't been up to much.  I did make some french bread last night for company with THIS recipe and it was fanTAStic. try it! And have a wonderful January and be sure to check out the SHOP...lots-ish of new stuff posted recently (including the fantastic melamine cups below)! 

Oh, wait...and we've also been working on stuff around the apartmenthouse (how is it possible that there is ALWAYS yet more to be done?!?!) Pictures of all that later (but yes, if you guessed that we hung more stuff on the walls, you would be correct!)


bethany said...

cute! miss you oodles.

Emily said...

love your vintage ornaments. your apartment looks super cute for the holidays. your new niece = adorable.
see you sometime [hopefully] soon! i don't have class this week, only workshop during the day.

Robin said...

Stacey! I just found this via Bethany's blog! How are you? Married! And what a cute house and blog and everything! You have such good ideas for decorating. I like your stuff in your store, too. So where are you, what are you doing (besides thrifting)?