Saturday, February 13, 2010

Once upon a grimey thirfting trip...

I found these!
but they had pleats:so i did this:

Laz likes!Then came the sewing part:

One straight seam.  Seriously, it's that simple (okay, well almost...)  Ironing is an optional step, but since these will hang pretty "bunched" on the rod anyway, I just skipped the ironing part!  Oh, one out the interfacing (stiff layer added to help pleats keep their shape) as you take out the pleats.
Next, cut a slit, fold under, and stitch down a place for the curtain rod to pop in and out (in some cases, you can just undo the outside edge seam, sewing it back in place while leaving a hole for your curtain rod.  In this case, the liner and curtain were folded together in such a way that simply cutting a hole worked much better).
Quick and messy gets the job done if you aren't one of those even-the-parts-that-won't-show-must-look-perfect kinds of people! !:)

I did alter this a bit for the outside end of each curtain as only one end of the curtain rod will show (the husband cut in half a too-short, left over from 3 houses ago wooden rod).  This way, there won't be an extra flap of fabric to cover the non-end-capped end.  Clear as mud?

Oh, and before the "reveal"...the before (not horrible in that I have a special affection for the roman blinds I made when I was 14 or 15 with the help of my grandma...they're just horribly faded and with such dark walls they just get lost in the bright window space)

But these, these POP! (sorry for the lessening picture quality, the sun was getting icky by the time I was finishing these up)

Behold, the after:
Did I mention these go nearly all the way to the floor?!

See, it's magic; you can't even see how the inside ends of these babies stay up (jimmy-rigged 4" piece of wood (1" x 1" ish) nailed into the end of the curtain rod....hole drilled into the bottom, fitted over a nail pounded into the top side of the window frame).
This is the third set of curtains in the apartment house altered just this way.  Anyone have examples to share?! (send me pics and I'll post them for all 3 readers out there!)

AHH...I almost forgot...keep checking the shop; I'll be posting a great pair of vintage curtains (with pleats!) in the SHOP soon!


Emily said...

umm...i love those curtains.
and i miss you [and having a life].
say hi to laz for me. :-)

Courtney said...

i love them too. you're so crafty! have you put them up in the new house yet?! i'll have to ask you to keep an eye out for me when you're out thrifting. still trying to find something fun for our living room!!