Thursday, April 22, 2010

The HappyGoVintage ApartmentHouse is on ApartmentTherapy!!!

We made it into ApartmentTherapy's "Small, Cool 2010"'s a super fun contest that lets you peek into dozens of awesome small spaces...all carefully designed by their own tiny-space dwellers...and what an assortment of personalities come through in these homes!! With all of the variety, you're sure to find something to vote for (and more than a few ideas for your own small, cool space!)

The photo above is from our submission! See more (and VOTE for us!!) HERE (before 9:30AM Saturday, April 24, when the "thumbs up" round of voting closes on our entry)

You can see all the other submissions HERE


Emily said...

yay, i voted for you. come design my apartment next year, please?!

Christina and Jonathan Umbriaco said...

Yay for the Cline home! I definitely gave a thumbs up! Laz is the cutest little dog model btw! :)