Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bright Spot... a hot, humid, rainy weekend:

this: (look past the dirt/rusty-grunginess....(no, really, look past it...scroll down!)
A little bit of 409 spray (okay, a lot) and plenty of elbow grease go a LONG way!

Oh, and the best part may have been bringing her home from the thrift store on top of the husband's car when our delivery guy took too long to show up!

Someday I may paint her...creamywhite, teal, or hecks maybe even red...but for now i like her as is (scratches, paint splatters and all!).  And did you SEE those legs she's got?! And her cute little casters?! Sigh... :)


Emily said...

LOVE the new addition to the apt decor. I can just see you two securing that thing to the top of the car, haha. :-) Miss you!

Christy Marie said...

love it.