Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Year of the Glass

In honor of the glass that is 2010 being almost down to half full (or almost half empty), here are some things accomplished, unaccomplished, and some new mid-year resolutions. What are some of yours?
Half full (what I’ve done):
*re-done some particularly ugly parts of the Apartmenthouse (office/bedroom switcharoo, claustrophobia kitchen, my closet/deathtrap)
*started dressing nicer for work
*started a somewhat successful garden with the Husband
*scored some amazing thrift/estate sale finds (ROUND dining room table, dining room curtains, sweet vintage artwork/frames, pottery, hand sewn-metal zippered-perfectly fitting dresses…)
*learned more about how to be married

Half empty (what I’ve not done):
*taken enough pictures (100+ documented incidents of Laz being cute don’t count.)
*done enough sewing (yes, unfinished quilts, I see you all balled up in that plastic bag in the closet!)
*launched the handmade portion of HappyGoVintage Shop
*photographed/listed some of my favorite Etsy offerings for you, my Etsy-shopping friends
*kept up with this sad little excuse for a blog
*designed a real logo for HappyGoVintage

Half full (what I’ve recently decided to do):
*find/build/steal/buy/make the husband build/otherwise obtain a perfect teal-blue-ish velvet sofa (this will probably take years)
*go running consistently with the Husband even when it’s killer hot and humid. As in several days a week consistent. As in even when watching Hulu in our air-conditioned abode sounds much more fun.
*try more recipes and get better at cooking/find more time for it…oh, and eat less sugar (not really a new resolution…just an ongoing one…)
*limit myself to one insane list a day, instead of multiple agendas for the perfectly planned life that is just not mine.
(does this one count?)

and with those new goals in mind, I think I officially need this!

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Emily said...

i'd definitely say you've accomplished a lot this year stace-face.

i found a job i really like...but it is in the middle of nowhere virginia. but you'd promise to come visit, right?!