Monday, July 26, 2010

I just dyed in your arms tonight...

I don't have pics of the completed project (yet), but let's just say that this:
turned into a really awesome end result for Christina and me!  (awesome afters and more in-progress shots..and maybe a tutorial if you're lucky and i find more than 5 free minutes come!)

p.s. did i hear someone say Anthropologie *be still my beating heart* is over-priced? :)
p.p.s. new stuff added to the shop all this week!! 


bethany said...

this looks neat! I miss you & your sense of creativity. make sure to post pics of the final project!

Aubrey Studebaker said...

Looks like excellent fun. You should move back to Columbus so that we can have a fenzied crafting madness room again. (I still have the get psyched mix, you know)

Hope all is well in St. Louise. Miss you!