Saturday, November 6, 2010

And a Good Time was had by All...

...farmer's market...surprisingly good estate sale...what more (other than donuts) could a girl want on a Saturday morning?!

Let's just say that it doesn't matter how many times we loaded the car...or how long it took...all that matters is that Rebecca and I got everything INSIDE the car. including ourselves. and the doors/trunk all shut! success!

Photos of some of our haul to come. Possibly photos of the newly re-arranged front room. It made ALL the difference. Maybe enough to keep me from painting it for a few more months. I didn't say from *wanting* to paint it. the downside: babyson doesn't have as much couch support on his window sill. He actually fell off the sill today. I think he'll work on those balance skills pretty quickly.
p.s. why does he look so insanely small in this picture?

Did someone say "go update your Etsy store?!" On it. Check it soon for new, fab treasures!

1 comment:

Emily said...

aww, look how cute laz is! :)
miss you stace-face!