Saturday, March 27, 2010


(swaddled puppy)

(all by hand!)
(I loved this vintage material but wouldn't buy it because I knew it would take me years to get around to using it, so Christina bought it for me, but made it into something before she gave it to me!)

(our adorable dog looking fat. seriously, just looking fat, he's really quite trim!)

So, Saturday was a great estate sale day...see photos below (the green shoe planter is an Etsy b-day gift from my mom)! I also made a pillow (above), inspired by the bday gift my friend Christina made for me (the purple/blue pillow...aren't the handstitched details great?!)! Should I add the 3-D flowers to the middle panel? opinions?

(Salt, pepper, and sugar shakers in the shapes of very angry pheasants!)
(This thing is WAY smaller than i expected from the Etsy picture, but I love it even more for it!  Thanks Mom!)


("that singing hurted my ears!")

Oh, and we put my bookshelf-turned-cabinet on top of the fridge. It almost fits perfectly enough to look like a built-in. okay, well not quite, but i like it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yes, We're All Still Alive...

...for proof, see the SHOP for lovely vintage goodies, including those pictured below!