Thursday, May 27, 2010

Further Justification for Thrifting/Antiquing/Estate Saling/Alley Scavenging and Most Any Other Form of Treasure Hunting:


I'm still busy beachin' it...but other people (our friends at Apartment Therapy) are steadily and diligently posting great material...check it out!

What collections of everyday objects make your walls'n'windowsills more interesting?

(At the Apartmenthouse, we've got vintage (I'm talking "made in the USSR") army men lining our doorframes; pottery, pottery, and more pottery; rocks under glass; and pressed fall leaves!)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wish You Were Here....

'cuz this is where I am! :) But back to the real reason you visit this blog...APARTMENT HOUSE IMPROVEMENTS! We swapped the office and bedroom...painting the old office this wonderful bluegreen before moving in the bed...the best there's room for me to have a sewing table in the "new" office! All of this happened Friday night and Saturday...exhausting, but totally worth it! Behold, the hideous...okay, not hideous, just uninspiring "office before":

A little bit of hard work (and a super fantastic paint color) go a LONG way:

The fabric panel (which looks much better in real light) is a vintage remnant I found in Columbus 4 years ago and FINALLY have somewhere perfect to put it. It's hanging behind the bed as a make-do headboard (cropped the bed out as it is still covered in junk!) I chose to hang it as-is, no hem, no pocket sewn in, no nothing, so that i can still use it to recover a perfect chair or make a perfect curtain someday for a more permanent house! (it also leaves the designer and pattern name printed down the side visible, which is fun).

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did someone say

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