Saturday, August 28, 2010



The HappyGoVintage shop is filling up with brand new (old) treasures that I am soo excited to be offering! Check it out before they're gone! THE SHOP

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This and That

As promised...the shower curtains that required a zillion the happygovintage apartmenthouse bathroom!

...some beautiful treasures in the shop!

oh, and a rather cute'd he get on here?!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It might catch on fire...

...but I don't care!

I bought this really old light fixture at a barn sale in Ohio, with every intention to tear out all of the wiring, paint it, and flip it upside down, adding little glass vases (to be filled with flowers or candles) in place of the bulbs to use as a table centerpiece. Well, that hadn't happened yet....and a few weeks ago, I came home to find the husband WIRING it in place in the kitchen, in place of an old pendant lamp I really wasn't that crazy about. So far, no fires....I'm thoroughly impressed with the husband (I seriously didn't think this thing even WORKED!), and now we have way more light from a GORGEOUS fixture in the kitchen! (p.s. don't try this at your home!...and if you do, use plenty of electrical tape on the old wires! and maybe first ask an electrician friend if it's a good idea...I found out later that the husband had *sort of* been precautious).

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Then Comes Marriage...

So, as promised, here are some great ideas from my friend's wedding last weekend. Sadly, my camera battery died just as i started taking shots at the reception....soooo...until I get ahold of some other people's photos, there aren't any of the cute couple from last weekend (the photo below is from their engagement. Aren't they just so cute?!)
My favorite of her many great ideas is pictured above. They cut rounds of a tree someone had recently taken down and wood-burned their initials (lovers' tree carving style) into each one. These were the centerpieces (flowers sat atop each one) for the round tables at the reception. They had a "who knows Libby and Kai the best?" quiz on the table...and ditched these leftover (but very lovely) centerpieces on the high-scorer at each table. These also served as pie displays on her dessert table (each pie flavor was spelled out with scrabble tiles...the photo below is from the table centerpieces). She also made a cake stand (small narrow log with large flat log on top) for the bride/groom cake (with sweet little birds topping the cake!)
More photos ideas as well as awesome stuff soon to hit the store!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Go, NOW! :) (click here to be transported to a wonderland of vintage fantasticalness)
p.s. don't forget to check back here in a few days for photos and details and great ideas from a super cute wedding! oh and HAPPY MARRIAGE, KAI and LIBBY!!! (need. to. charge. camera. battery. once i find said battery.)

Not bad for 100 bucks less, huh?!

theirs: (at $ know who they are)

ours: (at $15 bucks or so) *photo courtesy of Christina, as I have yet to take pictures of my matching on here at the HappyGoVintage Apartmenthouse! Isn't her bathroom just so cute! LOVE that tile!