Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HOUSE TOUR on Apartment Therapy!!!

Go to www.apartmenttherapy.com for a proper house tour of the HappyGoVintage Apartmenthouse! whoohoo!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Laz Says Goodbye

Out with the old (very trusty, faithful, long-suffering, though slightly sad looking) couch...but don't worry, it's not quite yet retired. It started its life as a grad-school student and wife's couch in the 70s...moved to their basement....went with their daughter to grad school....moved with her into my house in cbus when she joined team Kelso....was hauled out to STL with both of us...ended up in my 2nd floor apartment....had a few surgeries (thanks, Laz)...and now it's moving to the Old North!

and in with the NEW! Sorry for the crappy photos....MUCH better ones to come soon....thanks to Apartment Therapy! whoo!
Someday he'll get mustard yellow linen or dark charcole velvet treatment...but for now, he's awesome as-is. and the best part?! he's comfortable...those corners HUG you!

p.s. whoever is closest in guessing how much this baby cost gets.....recognition here on the blog! whoo! (no guessing if i already told you!)