Monday, January 10, 2011

My New Favorite Thing:

So I gave this humongo lampshade to some friends awhile back (i didn't need it, they potentially had a use for it, yay!) Welll, turns out it didn't work w/ their lamps, so back to HappyGoVintage Apartmenthouse it went...much to the husband's chagrin. I pretty much instantly realized it was what I had needed for the "brain lights" that I thought were so great....and were really just so-so (and a tad bit on the college dorm side of things. gasp!)

2 minutes later, and assured it won't fall on my face in the middle of the night, the new and improved "brain" light!
Oh, and like that cute little There's-no-room-for-a-bedside-table Shelf? Yea, well don't go likin' it too much. It's in the shop right now, and I just don't think I can bear to part with it now (should probably go take it off of HappyGoVintage, huh?!)

Anyway, this room definitely gets the title "favorite," which is saying something. As favorite, it gets all the favorite stuff:

New print (Christmas gift!) from this great etsy shop (yet to be framed, so for now it's on a particular favorite piece of salvaged trim (found in alley) turned photo display...sitting on my most favorite wooden box turned shelf off all time!)

Cute little squirrel (new fav since i sold this guy!)

Vintage hanger-turned necklace display. Step #1: Glue wire hook thingies b/w two wooden bars on vintage hanger (find some in the SHOP!) Step #2: Hang on wall. Done!

Newly framed stuff: original marriage license from 1906 (the husband's great grandpa and great grandma's!) and our wedding invitation (handmade by yours truly. still pretty durn proud of them!)