Friday, May 20, 2011


Peonies are on of my favorite flowers--they're beautiful and the state flower of my homeland, Indiana. I have a vintage glass that lists the Zinnia (another fave) as the state flower...I finally researched the discrepancy and found out that Indiana has changed state flowers more than any other state! First, the carnation (ick) was the state flower, then, in 1931, the Zinnia was adopted. In 1957 they changed it TWICE...first to the dogwood blossom (does that really count as a flower?) and then, finally, to the Peony, which still reigns today!
I rescued these beauties from the front yard before all the rain knocked them into the grass! I've had this vintage candle mold mounted to my window frame for awhile now, and finally was able to put it to use as a vase!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a big THANK YOU... everyone who voted for us on Apartment Therapy's Small Cool 2011 Contest!

We finished (just barely) in the top ten in our division! Yay! (see the apartmenthouse on Apartment Therapy HERE)

For anyone who wasn't keeping up, guess who won the whole she-bang?! That's right, Jordan, my "pick to win it" from days before the voting closed! Congrats, Girl with the Beautiful (bargain) Sofa!