Saturday, March 9, 2013

Master Bath...halfway there...and farther than the rest!

I promise it's not quite that neon on real life! next on the list....moving the bamboo shades down to the identically sized windows in the dining room below and adding etched glass like privacy film to the lower half of the windows...if I can ever settle on the right stuff and not choke too much on the price! and i need to hang a few more pieces of art...and, oh, yeah, cleaning the shower would be a good thing to have on the list! and, yes, that is a Cath Kidston wallpaper sample for the room outside the bath. it must happen. it's so beautiful i could die.

p.s this shower curtain from my old apartment (handmade and hand dyed, copycatting the anthropologie shower curtains) is for if doesn't work in this bathroom as the shower isn't as wide as the tub at the apartment, but is still in great condition and would love a new home!

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