Wednesday, June 5, 2013


why are my paragraphs in the previous post so wonky..w/ the right side cut off?!

sneak peek....Front Room Painting Amazingness!

Here are a few pictures of the front room.  I still need to finish a second coat of edging along the top of the wall...and the ceiling medallion is clearly not done....and then something must be done about those windows...I'd love to leave them open but we need a tad of privacy at night...still working on that...but anyway, you get the gist!

I can't take credit for the crown molding repair in left corner...the previous owner was sweet enough to come back  after we moved in to repair!

Mirror is too small, but will have to do for now...once painted, it will be rehung vertically, not horizontally.

Couch of awesomeness from Christina

Original c. 1879 floor to ceiling mirror frame turned bookshelf turned pottery collection home. Also, note the not so awesome light fixture...for now I've removed the frosted globes and replaced the small candle flame shaped bulbs with large round ones and no globes.

awesome fireplace
Thought about doing the back of the bookshelf orange-y/red like the medallion, but I painted a few shelves worth and thought that might have been too much.

It's so lovely in the natural sunlight...and this is only half as much light as it gets at the best times of day!

Unfinished ceiling medallion.  I could be on a 11' ladder right now, taking care of that, but I decided to blog these pictures instead! You're welcome.

Fireplace interior is still blue.  Not sure yet what  it should be--the medallion color? Black? Cream like the crown molding? Mint green? Vote now in the comments section!

Yes. That orange-y woodwork was BEGGING to be surrounded by lavender. Don'tcha think?!

A very unfinished paint job on the "Good enough for now, until the Craigslist gods smile down on me" Mirror

And here is where I tell you what colors I used:  Walls - Valspar Glass Slipper (flat); Crown Molding - Valspar Churchill Hotel Navajo White (gloss); Ceiling - Valspar Lilac Lace (made with ceiling paint base, flatter than flat); Ceiling Medallion - Valspar Glowing Firelight (gloss).

Again, still need to mop the floors, change the curtains, move the dang orange chair, add awesome art to the walls, but you get the idea!

Further Plans:
*New curtains: Probably sheer-ish and those nifty 2-tension rod, adjustable faux roman blinds that I saw in a MSL mag not long ago. Sound goofy? Trust. Photos eventually.

UPDATE: The internet is great. Here is a photo. Just imagine this in a nicer fabric.

*Swap out the giant teal trunk for the low square wooden coffee table in the other room...probably will paint it high gloss mint green like my nails. Kinda like so:

Trendy, but easily changed. and DANG lavender, fire orange, and mint just look so happy together! Okay, so I thought that was a real thing and just searched Pinterest for an image to prove it, but no luck. So I guess it's not a thing. Which means maybe that buys me another year or so of non-overdoneness as I rock a mint coffee table in my lavender and fire-y orange room. I could take a picture of my chippy, paint covered manicure next to the lavender and orange room for you, but I'm too lazy. Again, trust.