Saturday, September 7, 2013

Curtain Dilemma

I spent hours and hours at a zillion JoAnn fabrics stores to get off-white linen fabric for my go something like this:

For my bedroom..which is looking like this:
But now I'm afraid the off-white (nearly white) linen I bought is going to make it look too spite of the pale lavender ceiling and coral tufted headboard (in the works).  So now I'm considering returning the fabric (I've been told you can return cut fabric to JoAnns) and using something else entirely...lavender fabric with a sheen to it? ick. no. something w/ a pattern like below?...or dying it (lavender? coral?) What to do?!?!
I'm really loving these right now....
I'm on a lavender restriction for the house from John, but I told him the curtains may just have to be lavender...he seemed to take it okay.  Curtains probably shouldn't do this to me:


Christy Ragsdale said...

i love this post :)

i felt the same way about my wall's plate arrangement. you will pick something good!

white is nice. it lets the blue be blue all by itself.

plus, if you think mint is trendy, coral is just as bad, almost.

sabo_meenyo said...

oh dear. ha. well, i just painted the downstairs bathroom CORAL. with a MINT door! but it's only trendy if you get rid of it the moment the world moves on. i plan to be happy with my mint and coral combo for decades to come! :) far as the curtains, they're definitely getting dyed. i cannot deal w/ the boringness of them. you can weigh in when you're here for thanksgiving if i haven't addressed them yet.