Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When Half the Wood is Ugly...

...paint the other half!

How to:
*apply tung oil
*allow to dry
*cut stencils out of CONTACT PAPER! I free handed a peony.  Do something you like. Please try not to be too trendy *says the girl with the MINT coffee table* (btw, if i called it sorbet green would it be less trendy than "mint?")
(this can be simple or extremely complicated, depending on how fancy you want to get w/ your design.  hint:  use a large piece of glass and a marker to see what your design will look like on top of your piece of furniture.  then trace these patterns onto smaller pieces of paper..which can then be traced up against a lit window onto contact paper).
*stick design to wood surface directly--RUB edges down really, really hard! Be careful to avoid any areas where the wood ain't so pretty (like the parts of this table that you can't see, where i sanded too far and hit particle board...the wood on this piece is just a layer of veneer).
*paint with several coats of something pretty like this mint paint
*peel up contact paper.
*cover entire piece with some sort of clear coat (i still haven't done this..worried about yellowing the paint :/)

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kceh said...

So many cute things!