Saturday, December 7, 2013


So my dad is definitely a person with great "stick-to-it-iveness!"  My "simple and quick" rewiring job became a lot more complicated than I initially anticipated. But he worked on these suckers ALL DAY after Thanksgiving (he didn't want to go shopping anyway!) and we went from this (horrible, like even worse than how bad it looks in this picture):

To THIS!!! (painting was done by diligent husband and me in the 2+ weeks prior to Thanksgiving....planned on having the room done a week before company was finished 10 minutes before picking up my sister and BIL from the airport!) The color is Valspar's Cooper Adobe Brown and it is AMAZING!!! Chocolate/grey/charcoal deliciousness..changes with the light and makes the space soooo cozy!  More photos of that later....

...But back to the TA-DA light fixtures:

 The fixtures themselves were vintage finds that Jane snagged for me...who knows where she found them...but they originally looked like this:

The silver paint job wasn't the worst in the world, but it was inconsistently applied...and only on 3 of the 4...they're brass, so we took a wire brush drill bit to them (imprecisely, b/c I'm impatient).  Then, after hours and hours and hours of wiring and installing and going to the hardware store and trying to cobble pieces together to hold them to the ceiling which I won't elaborate on anymore here, but was a heck of a pain for my dad to do...), new bulbs were added to mix some mod in with the old. And to eliminate the need for globes or shades of any sort b/c most of them are ugly anyway.  I love them. I love my dad. The attic guest room thanks him!

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