Monday, January 27, 2014

Quoting Abigail again...

and, no, not Abigail Adams, although she has plenty of good things to say!!  But, Abigail Ahern!

On how she shops when on special buying trips (not buying on-trend, etc.)....

We simply follow our hea[r]ts; if they skip a beat we buy it. I would say do the same with your home – when you decorate from the heart you’ll get the best results!

Which is just how it is, no?  Color combos that make you happy every single time you walk into the room, a weird/ugly/beautiful fixture that just somehow makes sense (to you!), and taking a wall out because it becomes that zebra in your brain after someone tells you to think of anything--anything!--but a zebra!

I like to think that I already follow this piece of advice pretty well, but sometimes I do select a color or piece of furniture, or configure a room based on "how you're supposed to do it."  No more!  If I don't love it, it's not happening!  And if i do love it, well, watch out--here come the sledgehammers for that wall!

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