Friday, May 8, 2015


Sadly, it's overcast and rainy today...but bright and cheery in here! Come see it in person at the ONSL House and Community Tour TOMORROW!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ready or Not!

Well, whether I get all the painting and cleaning done or not, House Tour is happening this weekend!  (See post below for info and how to get tickets!)  It's a mad scramble...but here is a bit of what I'm trying to finish up in time...

This was my inspiration:

absolutely beautiful things

Ombré staircase. #LauraTrevey #BrightBoldBeautiful
(see the entire pinboard here:  )

Mine actually look much better in real life...and now that they have several more coats!  I still need to finish the top four steps in the lightest color...cropped out of the photo above...and finish 3 doors, a bit of ceiling touch-up, the tiny closet room outside the bathroom at the end of the hall in the photo above, and on and on and on....

Wish me luck (or, probably more useful...patience and perseverance!) :)

Friday, April 24, 2015

It's House Tour Time!

The Old North St. Louis (ONSL) House & Community Tour is happening in less than a month!  After a few years off, the HappyGoVintage house will be on the tour this year (so. so. much. to. do. yay. for. deadlines!)

Go here for all the details and to buy tickets!

Oh, and the Spring Fling is also happening in the neighborhood the same day! Make a day of it in Old North!